QU & Batey 50

Students making a difference a long way from home

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During our time in the DR so much has gone on. The times in the Bateye were priceless. Seeing those kids, living in those conditions is heart breaking. But one thing that I noticed was that it seems like they make the very best of what they have. When Americans do come to help improve they are so great full. It’s like the kids melt right into your arms. As I’m sitting here typing one memory just popped into my mind. That memory was the day we threw the kids little fiesta. The kids were running around for hours with the balloons that we gave them. To me when we have a party in America, balloons are just a decoration. These kids made so much more pod something so simple. That really taught me something. I truly appreciate everything that I have much more than I did before. Many times before this trip  I really didn’t understand that I’m privileged to be driving in my car, or having the phone that I do, and having the ability to get the education that I’m receiving. Now that the trip is over, I feel so privileged that I was able to take this trip. I met people that have very little, and from that they gave me more than I can ever ask for in experience. These people will always be on my mind and in my heart!

Brandon Schindler



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  1. I am so glad you had a good trip, however I am not surprised. Life on a Batey is something that can’t be explained, it’s something you have to experience to understand. God Bless you for going to help.

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